Friday, August 14, 2009

To Market, to market...

I love the Salt Lake City Farmer's Market. Last week I got some great basil and asiago bread, balsamic bread dip (both from Volkers) and some Rainier Cherries - yum. Some weeks it's corn and berries, some weeks it is the cheese and honey, some weeks it is the jewelry vendors, and some weeks it is just walking about. And to make it even better? The SLC Farmer's Market has gotten national attention! The American Farmland Trust and Gourmet, the Magazine of Good Living have both given them some good reviews lately. The American Farmland Trust recently awarded them the 3rd place in their first ever America's Favorite Farmer's Market (see here for more info! So eat that America (except those in Davis CA and Ithaca NY, and to you I say congrats!)! We are more than just intriguing news stories here, we grow good stuff.


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