Wednesday, July 29, 2009

On this day, a dove was born to the world - by Pager Stalker

So, today is Dove's birthday. Birthdays are neato for some. I for one, am glad that Dove was born as she has become my friend and blessed my life with laughter and given me advice, like
"don't you think you should have this piece of gum?" - and her posts here are a real joy to read. You are the Dove (a saying she taught me.)

One thing that Dove and I have discussed and shared is great music. So in great Dove-ish tradition, I would like to post some music for her to enjoy, as well as you all. Unfortunately, most of this is not new to her.

Sorry if it gets a little "mix CDish." You must understand this - that I have a little crush on the lovely Dove - and yes I understand that I don't have calf implants, and yes I live a LONG ways away from her, and yes I will be living about 8000 miles away from her very soon, and yes she is way out of my league - but a man can dream right? If I still had a pager, i would be stalking her with texts all day long.

So let's start out with a great birthday song. I love this song and have for many years. A line in this song is "i'm feeling thankful for the small things today." How appropriate for this day that we honor Dove. She is such a thankful person and I dare say I haven't heard her complain much about anything. She really is wonderful that way. Also, she is soooooo accepting of people, new ideas, and ways of doing things that are not her own, but yet sticks to her convictions. We could all use a little doveness. This is called "Happy Birthday" by Cracker. I saw these guys in early 90's at Park City. They are still playing great concerts.


Of course Dove loves a great song, but the most important thing in her life are her daughters. This next song is from a father to a daughter - but the lyrics are great and I think the song is catchy, and with a little imagination, the song certainly applies. It is sang by Paul Simon. Strangely, I have heard that many are really annoyed by the guy. Sorry if that is one of you. Here is a lyric clip. (Oh yeah, and the video is kind of weird)

I'm gonna watch you shine
Gonna watch you grow
Gonna paint a sign
So you'll always know
As long as one and one is two
There could never be a [Mother]
Who loved [her] daughter(s) more than I love you


And ya all know she lately loves MJ. Holy smokes. Well, in my mind, nothing showcases his voice like this next tune. And frankly, there aint' no sunshine when Dove ain't around.

"Ain't no sunshine when she's gone,
And this house just ain't no home anytime she goes away. "

Ain't no Sunshine


Here is a birthday song which may or may not be sung by MJ. The Simpsons show that this aired on had MJ's voice talking, but I'm not really sure if he sang this song. Some say it isn't him because of contract issues - but it sure sounds like him.


I had heard (barely) of Damien Rice before knowing Dove, but I was "Damien Rice" schooled after meeting her. If you have been following this blog for long, you know she is a huge fan. I think she said that he is rice pudding for her soul, or yogurt for her sinews, or celery for her solar plexus, or something like that. Anyway, his music is very emotional and often has a "rip your heart out" kinda quality. Anyway, here is the first song I ever heard by him.


Let's see, we covered MJ, Damien Rice, some birthday tunes...hmmmm, what else? Oh yeah, can't end this without sharing who she is crushing on lately. I happened to be in SLC at a concert that was SOOOOO great, and Dove saw the same Josh Ritter concert. How cool is that? Anyway, I don't know what to share of his - so many great songs and great lyrics. Here is a lyric which perhaps is the best line in all of music

"But I got a girl in the war Paul her eyes are like champagne.
They sparkle bubble over and in the morning all you got is rain."

But I couldn't call myself a Dove pager stalker if I didn't share this lovely tune.

"All the other girls here are stars, you are the Northern lights."

Wouldn't this song make a great ringtone for when she calls you?


Well, I seriously could do this all day (and night as it turns out.) But I will close saying that I hope your day is very peaceful and filled with love. Many around you certainly do love you as I am sure many of your readers do as well. With that, I leave you with this last happy song about the love from all those in your life that you bless with your coolness. I love all the hugs, and kisses, and kids dancing. It's fun. enjoy! And Dove, you certainly inspire us all. Rock on.

Say Hey (I love you)



Oh yeah, here are some links to some of the songs listed above if you want to add them to your collection - and also some other great tunes.

Happy Birthday

Father And Daughter
Say Hey (I Love You)
Don't You Worry
Oh No
Telling Lies


Snoop Dovie Dove said...

Holy freakin moly Pager Stalker!That was about the nicest thing I've ever heard & certainly you flatter me more than I'm due (unction: excessive but superficial compliments given with affected charm. Finally found the definition on my Kindle...that word was used in Pillars of the Earth).

I was en route to work and thought I would sneak a look at this here blog because Mavis said she was going to post today. I read a few lines and got reeeal confused about Mavis having a crush on me and living 8000 miles away. Then it occured to me that she didn't write it at all. I couldn't wait to get to work so I could really read it, but I smiled from ear to ear the rest of my drive. That was awfully sweet of you PS.

I can't see the videos at work (youtube is filtered here), but I can't wait to get home and finally, FINALLY partake of this post as it was intended to be enjoyed.

Thanks again PS. You are the

mavis said...

Wow, - is that like the next level up from I agree, great birthday happy music compilation PS.

Happy Birthday Dovie! PS is right, you have this wonderfully happy perspective on life, come sprinkle some of that one me (or just keep being rad).


Christy said...

Happy Birthday my friend. I can't wait to meet you in person in like two months. Hope you have a fabulous day!!!

Leslie said...

I'm getting the feeling the PagerStalker might like you as much as I do, Dove. And that is a freakin' whole lotta love.

Can't say I could have given the girl a prettier tribute on her birthday. Thanks for taking the words right out of my mouth PS! :)

Love you, RaydarLove. Love you long time...

Through the Looking Glass said...

Happy Birthday, D-diddy. You are the, the and I'll throw in the

And though we've never met, I'm sure we will someday soon, and then we'll talk all about this loving tribute from PS. (Which I too totally thought was from Mavis and was very confused - even after "calf implants")

PagerStalker said...

can you say bomb and gov in the same sentence here in our policed state of the union? Holy cow I bet Obama Rama is looking at your emails right now.

mavis said...

Didn't you know the President reads our blog? I bet he loved this post, even danced a little.