Friday, July 31, 2009

i'm starting a carnation revolution

For my birthday someone dropped by and gave me flowers.


Blue carnations.

You know...white carnations that were died with food coloring.


Wow, that sounded bratty. I was very thankful for the gift and I'm operating on the assumption that it was the LAST bouquet the grocery store had, otherwise I would have received something real classy.

At any rate, the flowers got me thinking about the last time someone gave me carnations. They told me a story of the Carnation Revolution, which occurred in 1974 in Portugal. During a military coup, citizens and soldiers in Lisbon gathered at a flower market and soldiers started putting carnations in the barrels of their guns. This peaceful protest was instrumental in restoring democracy to Portugal.

Kinda cool. Kinda made me appreciate these flowers more. Kinda made me want to start a carnation revolution of my own (sans food coloring).

But if you are going to get me flowers try lilies. Or orchids, birds of paradise, daisies, sunflowers. I love them all. Just not roses. I'm soooo not a fan of roses. I'll even take carnations over roses.

And that's all I have to say about that.

-lovie love dove


Christy said...

Wow I'd never heard of the carnation revolution. And I've been to Portugal. And my surname is Portuguese. Hmmm.

Me too - not a carnation OR rose girl. Gerber daisies make me smile!

paula said...

From what I hate orchids too!