Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fall TV

I quite like TV. I may have made that clear with my affection for Glee. But my husband and I have our shows that we watch together - Lost, um... I can't think right now because my mind is totally focused on one we watched tonight.

I can't tell if it was spooky awesome or spooky give me nightmares. Did anyone else watch FlashForward? It was definitely good, but I am seriously fidgety. One highlight - the Oceanic Airlines billboard near the beginning of the show. That is the airline that crashed in Lost. But I can't figure out how the two shows are related. There are some actors that are the same like Penny from Lost and Olivia in FF and Charlie from Lost is someone in this show. Now I am beginning to sound like a total geek. Another highlight - the main character has some serious doppelganger abilities to my husband. Maybe just a long lost brother. Interesting.

Anyone see it?

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Lrc said...

I love Glee! both me and my boyfriend watch it...I can't help but watch Dollhouse too although its weird.

suzan said...

Did I miss a new LOST? Did the new season start? I'll be sad.

we chirp said...

Suzan, nope, no Lost yet. It starts at the beginning of the year. Have you watched fringe? It might tide you over.