Wednesday, September 30, 2009

image via kids craft weekly

I love it when moms create sites that help moms. I think we can all lose a little steam or run out of ideas once in a while (or in my case, 23 times a day). A friend from college recently started a blog that shows fun and kid friendly things to do in the Sacramento area. The site is SacTrippers and I really like what I see so far. So if you are that area or heading there, have a look at this new blog.

Another blog that I love is Kids Craft Weekly. Great activities that are kid-tested. In her own words, "My name is Amber and I'm crazy about kid's craft! Each week me and my two little craftmonkeys come up with new craft ideas that are cheap, educational, child-friendly and fun."

What about you? Are there little gems out there that all moms should know about? Do tell.


BTW - Dove, here is your reminder about Glee - it is on tonight!!

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