Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Yeah, I know. It is an obsession.

I'm talking about glee. I love it. Last night was classic with an over the top Kristin Chenoweth shows up. I want to pinch her cheeks. I can't get enough of the cheer coach and her little comments (like the one about Sandy wanting to write a part for himself as a queen...). Kurt showing up completely hammered. Poor Emma's longing and really great advice. Rachel and Finn. And Finn's horrible lack of any kind of dance rhythm.

Last week we great with a little Beyonce' action (the best video of all time, according to Kanye). First Kurt and his gals do a little dance. Then he "auditions" for the part of kicker. Then the whole football team learns the ring dance. I had Dave watch it with me and all he could say was, "What? No delay of game?" I think secretly he loved it. Plus he must not have seen Finn call a TO. Here is a clip. You may have to pause it to let the clip get ahead a bit so it doesn't keep buffering. See Kurt waving to his dad and then doing line kicks to warm up? So funny. The look on his dad's face when the team is dancing. So funny. There is just too much good stuff.

I think we should have a we chirp glee fan club. Really. I could rehash the show for hours and my husband so does not share my enthusiasm.



Meghan said...

i want in on the club.

Through the Looking Glass said...

I'm already president of this club, ladies.

mave said...

co-president mands. Ladies, what was your favorite scene from last night?

Haydee said...

I too am obsessed with Glee. It's the best new show on TV I think.
Check this out.

Angel said...

I love glee. Rob even cracks a smile at the cheer coach. Thanks for introducing me.