Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday Monday

As I typed that title for my post, the song rang through my head but then I got a sick feeling because, you know, it is The Mamas and the Papas. I love them. But now with that one daughter's book coming out about Mr. Papa and their relationship - horrible. And she is defending him. What a mess. But such a great group and the songs... So not what this post was going to be about.

Back on track. Sort of. It is almost lunch time. I have already fed my kids a healthy lunch of chicken nuggets and ... apples? I decided to feed them early because we are so out of milk and eggs and apples and bread - serious basics - so we need to head to the store. I thought if I feed them they will have no excuse to be hungry enough to ask and ask and ask again for the popcorn chicken that costs $.34 per savory little nugget when we pass the deli. But now I am letting them run around pretending Joey (2) is a monster and he is scary. They have been well entertained for a good 27 minutes. I decided that hopefully Joey will lay down for a nap (the last two days have been a bust, we have had Grandma and Papa at out house chillin' with us for my hubby's 40th birthday celebration and you wouldn't believe what a happy wrench that throws in the schedule of my babies) and I will take the 2 older ones with me for groceries. Don't fret, the Birthday Boy works from home and will be here. Really, resist calling Child Services.

Fall kills me a little bit. Especially a cold fall. It is harder for me to get going. I'm cold all the time. I want to lay in bed, my toes warm and just think of random things. Yesterday I thought about how I rarely sit down to read blogs anymore which is kind of rude because I really want people to read this one. During some downtime (while Joey was resisting his rejuvenating nap - doesn't he know how much he will want that back one day?) I decided to go through my google reader which hadn't been visited in far too long. I cleaned it out. Erased it all and start afresh. I figured that some of those blogs that I adore, if it was destined to be, would show up again in my sight.

I want inspiration both creatively and inspiration for my soul. One I did find and can't get enough of is Giver's Log. Have you seen it? Gift giving ideas, gift-making ideas, wrapping ideas... love it.

I need some new inspiration to get me motivated, in gear and ready for the upcoming holidays. Suggestions?

And friends, thanks for listening to my ramblings. I tell you, fall does a number on me.


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