Sunday, October 11, 2009

Walking on Sunshine, with etsy, glee style

Really, I love that show. I can't get enough. I panicked a bit when somehow in my heart a knew it wasn't dvr'ing at home. I called home and I was right - so luckily my husband supports this habit and started the dvr right away. Sweet, sweet man. Thank goodness for so I could see the first 10 minutes.

So we are going to look at some etsy faves and blend them with some glee love.

I love the mash ups from last week, so we will try there first.

Halo - I love this from Untamed Petals. I really want to wear one. Do you think I could pull it off?

Walking on sunshine - my feet feel happy just looking at these butter ballet flats from spirocreations.

The boys mash up I was not as fortunate but for confessions, I loved this bird confessing to his little friend from the wonderful Terese Bast.

Will Shuester, your re-creation of Kanye's Gold Digger could totally beat him at any award show. Especially if Taylor Swift was wearing these earrings from Swede Bead Design when she presented it to you.

Somebody to Love - I've been a big fan of Hide N Seek for so long and absolutely love this print of hers.

What did I loved best from this last episode? Hard to narrow it down but I think that Finn struggles as a dancer in his normal state but I loved that he really couldn't control his gangly self all hyped up on Vitamin D. I thought he was going to hurt himself or someone near him. And when did those two dance boys join? That and the Cheerios coach's journal entry.



Meghan said...

why must the be happy be you print be sold out? sad. and i too am wrapped up in glee. thanks for keeping it real in blogland. and yes, you can pull off that headband.

Shanny said...

Oh, Sue Sylvester, coach of the Cheerios. I die laughing every time she opens her mouth. "I can't wait to start singing and dancing and maybe even putting on the Ritz a little bit." HA!

Glad to know I'm not the only one obsessed with this show. And thank heaven it is on Hulu.

Through the Looking Glass said...

I dunno about the headband; I tried on a similar one at Nordstrom a few months ago and my mom and sister laughed out loud. For four minutes. Their response was, "Oh yeah, that's totally something you'd wear to run the carpool to ballet. Why not?"

However, on a hot date out, somewhere edgy and artsy, why not? With your face and hair you could wear roadkill and be awesome. Just don't sport it to your Primary meetings.

Claire said...

These are pretty! I love GLEE, too!

elledee said...

I love love love the show! And I'm crazy about Emma's style. Here's a bunch of pics of her outfits: