Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Can you do something nice for someone without feeling great?

There was a Friends episode about it, remember?  How it is self-serving to do something good for others because you end up feeling good. Or something like that.  I guess I should catch syndication.

Anyways, our friend Heather over at heather nan photography (remember her from here and her vibrant, sparkly, happy pictures?) is doing something so so so selfish because she is not only making others feel good but it must be making her feel extremely good.  Of course, she isn't selfish.  I love this idea.  Heather is giving away a photo shoot worth $500 and she wants you to tell her who deserves it.  There is criteria, go here to read it all.  And the the next best part?  The nominator also gets a photo shoot!  I love nice people like Heather.  Nice, talented, giving people.  Please go to Heather's blog for all the details and be sure to nominate a deserving someone.

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Meghan said...

so awesome. i know the perfect someone...