Monday, November 23, 2009


Ladies and gents, time for another giveaway! And it is from someone who we admired her work last week. Thank you to Shannon from Turnaround Design, eco-friendly modern stationary and gifts. She is giving away her 2010 Animal Alphabet Calendar.  Remember it is like winning 2 prizes - you have the calendar and then 12 animal prints that can be cut into 5 x 7 works of art - endless possibilities for your nursery, toy room or framed baby gifts!



Here are a few things we learned about Shannon:

1. How did you get started in graphic design?

I started working at the student newspaper in college, in addition to art and journalism classes.

2. How do you get your creative juices flowing and/or what inspire you to get down and color?

Nature is my number one source of inspiration...the colors, the textures and the quiet.

3. If you weren't doing this, what occupation would you be clocking in on?

4. What is your favorite month of the year and why?

September. Fall is my favorite season since it's so beautiful. I also love getting back into a routine.

5. What 3 etsy shops should we know about? It's so difficult to choose, but here are three of my favorites:

Jessica Gonacha - agreed, love this shop and artist
CraftPudding - love, love, love stamps - thanks for the introduction
Cicada Studio - once again, thanks for introducing us to new people on etsy

Thanks again Shannon for the chance to share your calendar. Please check out Shannon's other etsy shop, White Mouse Design - a DIY printable paper goods shop.
So here are the rules:
1 entry - please visit Turnaround Design and have a look-see, leave me a comment telling me your favorite item
Another entry - blog about this giveaway, leaving another comment with your blog address
One more entry - Do something thoughtful for someone else. Leave me a comment just saying you did, you don't even have to tell me what!

This giveaway will run until Sunday the 29th. I'll announce a winner Monday the 30th, so check back. If you don't claim the calendar by December 2, I will announce a new winner.


Shanny said...

I love pretty much all of the owl stationary she's got going. Owls are just so cute!

Christy said...

It's a tie between the modern swirls and the golden retriever recycled cards. Love them both!

Andria said...

I'm Scandinavian by heritage, so I have to say the Scandinavian Tulips from the personalized stationary. Beautiful.

Kinzie Sue said...

I love the Alphabet Recycled greeting cards. They are cute to send out or even to frame!! Thanks!

Kinzie Sue said...

I did something thoughtful for my hubs :) This is a great way to motivate people to be a bit more loving and kind- thanks!

Lrc said...

I love the colors in her work! But those hippos are adorable...hard to pick one thing but hippos are cute!

Parker said...

i like the thankful ones with the trees - very cute.

Katie said...

Owl Always Love You and the Modern Lotus thank you cards-so great!

Katie said...

Had to wait a couple of days to make this comment, but I finally did something nice for someone (I've been busy moving, or it normally wouldn't have taken so long!)

Heather said...

so in love with the alphabet calendar, so simple and sweet.

Heather said...

oh and did some niceness for my dear friend who always seems to do so much niceness for me... pay back is grand.

Lyndsay said...

Lyndsay Johnson loves the Noel cards! :)