Friday, November 20, 2009

The mystery is explained

I have missed Dove, haven't you? She has had a busy few months. And frankly, it is time that you knew why. She has been on a huge press tour. Not her own, mind you, but one near and dear to her heart. I've told her there is no shame in it. You should follow your bliss. She has been *stalk...*, I mean following the cast of "New Moon" from country to country, tv show to tv show, in an attempt to just meet them. I am not sure how successful she has been on that front but I do know that she and her daughters have had quite the adventure.

What about you guys, did you see New Moon yet? Would you take your pre-teen daughters? Team Edward or Team Jacob?

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MZB said...

read the books, saw the movie and honestly could barely sit through the movie. I am so glad I have a pre-teen son and a grade school daughter so I miss a majority of the hoopla. It honestly pro-trays a unhealthy relationship and expectations. My opinion but if I had to vote TEAM JACOB.