Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween, the Birthday Girl and SYTYCD

I told you about my costume stuff for Halloween. It all turned out grand. E got his costume - he was so excited that the night before the school parade he was too hyped to sleep. That was good for my ego. My mom helped me out on Caroline's, but I did make the girl herself and her hat, which when I showed her she clamped her hand over her mouth and then gushed, "Oh! I love it!" My youngest on the other hand was a bit forgotten in the mix, refused to be a lion and chose his costume from last year, a bat.

Caroline had her birthday today and insisted that if we weren't doing a friend birthday party this year we needed to eat downtown. Ok. So after giving out Laffy Taffys to dance class and school class and after a soccer team party we headed downtown. She's a gem, we adore her. And she is such an appreciative gift receiver. (I have begun a new party protocol. Even years get friend parties, odd years are family. So far I like how it is working. How do you do parties?)

Tuesday nights are rough for my husband (so are Wednesdays for that matter) because SYTYCD is on and I really like to watch it. I pre-watch it for Caroline, because frankly sometimes Karen has a little too much Va-Voom in her, ya know what I mean? And Channing's girls were strategically placed in two hammock-like devices. In any case, I did do a quick watch of the first three and had Caroling watch the Bollywood with cute Nathan and Molly. Caroline begged to watch more. Dave begged for mercy. We'll watch the rest in our Wednesday morning lounge time. Maybe I watch too much t.v.

I hope your Halloween was swine flu free and I hope you all have a 5 year old as great as mine and I hope that you watched SYTYCD, because some of it was really good.


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