Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Etsy Love

Did I mention that we found out we are having a boy?  In May.  I think we were just thinking we'd have a clean pattern: boy, girl, boy, probably girl.  Nope.  Boy, sad little girl who is getting over it, boy and boy.  We are excited.  Just what I always wanted, until I had a girl.  But b, g, b, b it is.  Happy and healthy is what we really want right?  So I decided to check out some baby boy loving on Etsy. 

Love this hat by phylphil.  Really love the cheeks on this baby and super love the cocoon

I saw this print from barking bird art and immediately thought of one of my favorite songs from Billy Bragg and Wilco, My Flying Saucer (love this album, good dinner making music).  I think this would look happy it new babe's room.

He probably will want to toddle around (in a year or so) with his elephant friend from Woman Woodworker's Natural Wood Toys.  Or any of the other wooden toys she has so wonderfully made.

My kids all have a small blanket we call "B's".   My oldest sleeps with his religiously.  Each of them have 2 identicals, just in case one gets dirtied.  The new babe needs this one from My Wooby and Me

I've been working on my crochet skills lately but still cannot for the life of me figure out a pattern.  But these booties (pattern by knot sew cute) make me want to try really, really hard.

We are trying to get in the baby zone here.  These help.

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Christy said...

So cute! Love them all. We're having a boy too - in April. Too bad we don't live close, they could be BFFs! Do boys have those? Regardless - congrats again and super cute finds!