Sunday, February 21, 2010


I'm totally digging Modern Marvels on the History Channel.  Have you caught any of the episodes?  My favorite was "Eggs".  Or "Potatoes".  Or maybe "Sugar".  The show on eggs showed everything from mass produced to organic to different ways of raising chickens to crazy menu items.  And the info given on the ostrich egg.  Did you know that making an ostrich egg omelet, just using 1 egg, is the equivalent of 24 chicken eggs?  And the guy who uses ostrich eggs and other eggs to make artwork.

My brother's family had chickens for years.  Strawberry and Plum would perch up on the porch chairs right outside a large window that looked into the tv room and watch the Food Network each evening.  And what makes me even more excited is that my good friend Amanda just got her first 9 chicks to raise.  And that makes me jealous.  But my husband has vetoed the idea.  Plus I have a cat who might just die of feelings of displacement if we got some chicks.  Or kill them all.  So for now I just can live vicariously through those that own their own little brood.  

I did like the episode on "Bread".  Have a look-see.  I still am pining for the "Egg" episode though.  Why did I erase it?  I can't find a clip to do it justice.  (Speaking of Justice, congrats Paige - just a little excited shout out!!!)

Right now it looks like they are doing all their episodes on weapons of some kind of other but the more "natural" ones are more my thing.  You can find 19 of the first season's here on Hulu.  I think my life could be complete as far as TV viewing as long as I have Modern Marvels, Glee and Lost.



Through the Looking Glass said...

Hey Soul Food - glad to have you back!

Alas, the chickens are hysterical and darling and I feel a pang of guilt every time I pan-fry a chicken breast in the kitchen, well within their little eyesight. Ours are layers only, so hopefully they'll spend many the year relaxing in the yard and jumping on the tramp with the kids.

You can come pet my chicken any day of the week.
Whoa, that's what she said.

M.M.E. said...

I've never watched Modern Marvels before but now I'm really intrigued. I wanted to raise chickens after I saw the I Love Lucy episode where they came in the mail.