Friday, May 21, 2010


There have been so many things to be grateful for in the past 3 weeks - a relatively good delivery (minus the need to deliver a month early), a babe well enough to be home, any sleep I can get, happy kids, wonderful friends who take care of me.

When Amanda heard about the birth she was Johnny on the Spot. "I am bringing an enchilada casserole to your husband right now.  It is frozen, heat it up when you need it."  Voile' there it was and I wasn't even out of the delivery room yet.  I need the recipe and especially the enchilada sauce because I want to make gum out of it just so I can taste the goodness.  Then I got this beautiful basket full of homebaked pumpkin chocolate chip muffins and some Burt's Bees Baby lotion - both yum.  The muffins got me through a week's worth of breakfast and lunch and the lotion, yum.  It was like this gal I knew since 6th grade had gone all Martha or good Bree on me.  Why do I feel like she is all grown up and I am still a reckless toddler?  In any case, I am sure I will talk about the other kindnesses brought about but she deserves a shout out.  The picture below is an imposter but by the time I thought to document the beautiful basket there were only crumbs.

I have been asking her to do a couple of posts on here with her fantastic verbal to paper skills but alas she is a busy gal and either doesn't take me seriously or really is putting her family, school, work and church before something silly.   No really, 2 jobs outside of home, her Masters, and all those long-legged family members at home - I don't know how she does it.  Maybe she can tell us.

Has anyone done anything thoughtful for you lately? 

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Through the Looking Glass said...

Um, embarrassed? You sooo oversold me in this post; I read this and thought, "Man, that girl sounds awesome!" because it is so grossly glorified it doesn't reflect the me I know!

Nonetheless, you are a dream. If we're getting all in-your-face and public about our love for each other (which you and I both know I'm MUCH more comfortable doing than you), then let me tell you that I'm grateful for you: For a friend who brought my husband frozen peas when his you-know-whats had undergone a, um, procedure, and was at our door before he could rest his boys on his inflatable doughnut.

I'm grateful that we can not talk for a week or so and then just pick up where we left off with emails made from incomplete sentences and oblique references to people/places/things.

I'm grateful that we've weathered a lifetime of ups and downs and arounds and crazies and we're better friends now that we ever were.

I'm grateful for you, my gorgeous, doe-eyed girl, who makes me laugh out loud, makes me think, makes me want to craft and wear aprons, and makes me feel loved.

And I know I owe you a post... it's a comin'.