Monday, February 9, 2009

Gifts you should love to give

Still Valentine's Day.

I think these prints can say it for you - hang them somewhere you can see 'em everyday. Love all year round. But remember you still need to say it often.

sparkle power has some great vintage finds in addition to this poster.


jessica gonachahas some much great artwork in her shop. I have always wanted one of her prints, it is on my wish list. I love the sentiment in this one.


I am diggin' these love prints from John W. Golden. Just the right amount of masculinity and femininity (can that be done?).


I can't believe I haven't seen Studio Mela. I think my favorite poster is about the french fry. I love this one for the big love day.


by mavis


Beth said...

I think I will get these for my valentine lover, especially the john w golden. But I do like the you are like no other.

Raydar Love said...

I love “All you need is love” one because of my Beatles/Moulin Rouge fascination.