Sunday, March 1, 2009

Do Withouters

It has been 5 days without my Diet Coke. If you are wondering why, go here. I have to admit, the thought of it still has me salivating but I am doing better than I thought I would be. The first couple of days had me feeling a little like the picture above - deflated but with children inevitably jumping on me and using me for their plaything. But yesterday, I even made it through the McDonald's playland without a Diet Coke. Water. Just Water. Yay for clear, tasteless, refreshing, non-carbonated, bland water.

I'm not giving up Diet Coke because of the caffeine. I'm doing it because I have read numerous places that the aspartame in it has been linked to memory loss. And I have lost my memory. Or my mind. Both.

I will admit that three young kids may do that to you. The youngest has been a doozy, not a good sleeper. So couple hectic days with not a lot of sleep and hormonal fluctuation and memory loss is probably a given. But when I go out with my girlfriends and they are telling stories about me to me and I have no recollection? Not good. Because the stories are fun ones, it would have been fun to be there. Oh wait, I was.

So, I am testing to see if indeed my memory starts to recalibrate and re-emerge at the end of the 46 days. I hope I remember that is the reason I am doing this.

How is your do withouting (either by cutting out or adding more) going? I want status updates. And remember, you can fall off the wagon and jump back on, even with a different thing. And you can join in now, don't be shy.
p.s. did you look at the giveaway? I'm having some serious issues with all of Ruby Sue's stuff. And by stuff, I mean those bright, airy, dreamy adornments, the ones I salivate while looking at and pretty much want to set up a shrine to. The salivating may be due to DC withdrawals, but the rest...


Christy said...

Mavis I'm so glad to hear that you're doing okay, all things considered. I am going to have to read up on that aspertame/memory loss information too!

I am also happy to report that doing without sweets has been MUCH easier than I thought it would be. I thought I would be silently crying inside every time I saw a pack Cadbury mini eggs or a KitKat bar at the grocery store check out...but I'm not. It's like there is some kind of switch (must eat sweets) inside my brain that I didn't even know was there before five days ago. I switched it to 'off' and I haven't so much as thought of faltering. So strange. Had I known it would be this painless I might have done this long ago. I love the feeling of power I have!

But the one thing I am finding very hard is how freaking tired I am. I think I'm in a sugar withdrawal. Help! Suggestions? Are the others of you doing without sweets experiencing this completely exhausting fatigue too? I laid down for 'ten minutes' earlier today and the next thing I know TWO HOURS had passed and my wonderful husband had kept our daughter occupied the entire time. I want my energy back! I'm eating more fruits, taking my vitamins, and can't drink more caffeine b/c I'm nursing our baby. Any suggestions will be much appreciated!

we chirp said...

I'm surprised also at how easy this has been. I have attempted this numerous times, but for some reason having "Lent" attached to it makes it easier. I'm loving it (ba da ba ba ba).


suzana said...

I guess I'll come clean... I had a coke on Saturday... But I'm still in and have been doing much better since!!!

Liz E said...

O.k., so I had a massive headache without the Diet Coke for about three days. I am doing a lot better now. I hope I wont have to go back to it!