Monday, March 2, 2009

Now Hear This - Dark Was The Night

While tuned into my local underground-ish radio station recently (KRCL), I was pleased as punch with their featured album of the day. It's called Dark Is The Night and it is a compilation of songs for the Red Hot project which uses popular culture to raise funds for HIV/AIDS. Red Hot has been making compilations for 20 years and this is their latest.

You can hear some tracks on their website and you can also create a widget and choose which songs you want to sample to put on your blog/myspace page, as evidenced below. There are some remarkable artists & songs on there. Chekkit.

Don't forget to scroll down and see the giveaway for this week. Good stuff!


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we chirp said...

Seriously good stuff. I love that I can count on you to help me with my iPod selections.