Thursday, April 9, 2009

Strangers are like belly buttons

Long before I even knew Dove was a friend of his, I have been perusing Justin Hackworth's photography site. Imagine my pure delight when I found out he and Dove are like family. I had little scenarios in my mind of how I would finagle a session with him. Enter his famous 30 strangers in 30 days (dove is the gal in the top right photo, pretty isn't she?). Justin is no stranger to me, but he doesn't know me from Ben Affleck's wife so I qualify. And as luck would have it, I was able to procure a coveted position in this year's 30 strangers shindig.

I've heard fantastic things about his photography skills, beautiful things about his social abilities but words don't do justice to what a great guy he is. He makes you feel right at ease. And pretty. And like a model. And pretty on the inside. I hope to have many more opportunities to use his great talent.

He is on day 8 of his 30. Above is me and my daughter C. My daughter, my mother, my grandma and I all participated today. His theme this year is mother and daughters. Lucky for me I am both. And how fortunate to have photos of my daughter with her great-grandmother. Take a look here.

Here is my advice, book him. For any family portraits, brilliant looks at anyone you love, a good conversation, call him.

have a lovely day,


Heather said...

How pretty! I just saw these shots last night and who knew? I am an open stalker of Justin's Strangers project. I look forward to each evening to settle in and be inspired. How lucky! You look stunning!

Raydar Love said...

I can't sing his praises enough. Happy you were a stranger so you could participate & I'm even happier that you are no longer strangers.

Nickposh said...

Justin and I worked on a few weddings together... him doing the photos and me doing the food. He is very nice and talented! Love this picture of you "Mavis!"

Leslie said...

Holy crap, you are one gorgeous girl, Mavis!

PagerStalker said...

mavis, this is a great, great shot. I think i'll get the 30 strangers book that just came out.