Sunday, August 2, 2009

Muddled Mush

I was just heading over to my friend's birthday dessert shindig when the party came past my house - wonderful treat. Even lovelier was the fact that Dove was with the party party. And her cute girls. Dove and I live near each other. Very near. But oddly, not near enough to run into one another very often. Did you know that I met Dove years ago, when we were both starting up at the University. We both did Greek Rush (do you want me to admit that for you Dove?) and since both our maiden names end with C we were in the same rush group. She was cool. Then she decided not to pledge a house and I did. I thought that might be the end, but no. Her step-sis was one of my pledge sisters and so we all hung out. I don't know many people more delightful and chill than Dove. She's cool.

Years went by, Dove married, moved, had children. I married, had children and moved into my hood. I'd hear about her here and there. Then *pop* there she is at my child's back to school night. My husband saw her first and said, "That gorgeous gal looks like your twin" or something. I said, "What the heck? That is Dove!" And then I got a little self-conscious, I mean what if Dave thought she was similar to me but better? What if he preferred her smiling eyes to my brown? And then I thought, get over it and be happy someone thought you two look alike. And make your eyes smiley! And I admired from afar. Then a friend of mine kept talking about this girl, same first name different last name. Then this girl showed up on one of our walks and it was *pop* Dove. I could admire from a-near.

Months went by and I kept thinking I wanted to do a blog, I wasn't sure of the angle. I guess I wanted it to be random, to speak to all of us. People who didn't always mop their floors or do, or sort their socks into neat little bins by color and length or do. People who sometimes thought dinner-making was a drag or didn't. People who loved their people, but don't do everything perfectly perfect everyday or do, or have cool bangs (Dove now does), know what I mean? I mean, life is like a box of chocolates, right? In those months Dove's face kept popping into my head. I loved her thought process, her chillness. So began the We Chirp chat.

When I sat down, none of that was in my head. I was only going to tell y'all what I told Dove tonight. That I come up with cool, witty, bloggy dialogue for We Chirp all day long and then at night it turns to mush, unrecognizable banter that makes no sense and so my posts disintegrate. And then I was going to show you this movie. Cool, huh?

Do you know what makes me happy? When I check the spelling and there are no misspellings. The simple pleasures....



Dove said...

How much do I owe you for all these accolades??? :)

Great to see you Mavinator. And really cool video.

Christy said...

I've always thought you guys look like sisters too. From the photos anyway. I'll be able to tell in person next month when I visit Utah. Yeah baby.

Super sweet post.

PagerStalker said...

Mavis, that was fun to read! Thanks. I am still bummed we missed each other at 30strangers.