Tuesday, August 4, 2009

our bookish future

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I got a Kindle for Christmas. My parents got one for each of the kids to share with their family. They are seriously rad. I really love it. I don't know if I would ever spring for one, but it was a perfect gift...something I wouldn't get myself, but something I adore. I was nervous to use it because I am no good at reading on electronic devises. Anything more than a few paragraphs on a computer and I'm gonzo. (Which is one reason I try to keep my posts shortish...I guess I'm projecting my A.D.D. on to all of you.) But it turns out that they are really easy to read on. I don't even notice that it's electronic, unless of course I'm using one of it's super cool features like enlarging the text size so I can read on the treadmill, or looking up the definition of a word with which I am not familiar. OR...how could we forget...downloading a book instantly from Amazon.

Well, declaring the uber-coolness of the device is not my intent today (but if you want to know more, visit Amazon). What I want to discuss is the future of reading.

I recall reading a book - this was probably when I was in about the 3rd or 4th grade - and it was futuristic. Kids were reading their text books on a computer and laughing at the notion of an ancient paper book. We may have arrived, folks.

I was recently told that my school district is considering Kindles for all middle school, junior high & high school students. It's really a genius idea if you can just make the kids responsible (or the Kindles durable enough to withstand Coke spillings & if they came equipped with a homing device). Just think of the trees that would be saved, not to mention all those backs that would regain their rightful posture.

What do you think? Is it a feasible idea? Cost effective? Should a kid be responsible for the replacement cost after the first one is damaged/lost/smooshed during a make out session?


Nicole said...

I have a Kindle as well and I love it. I have heard that some school districts getting them for kids and I'm not convinced it's the most cost effective way to get kids to read. In my opinon, they are still pretty pricey and the chances of having to replace a fair amount of them after a year seem pretty good. Besides that, how many schools use the same books over and over again each year? The cost of buying a few new paperback books each year can't be more than it would cost to replace the Kindles. I can see how they could be beneficial to schools but maybe more so in a few years when they aren't so new and the price has gone down a litle.

mave said...

Hmm, I've heard of this proposal and think it will probably be the norm soon (whatever soon may be). Is it easy to read? Easy on the eyes? Smell like a freshly bound book? Do you get to see the graphics of the front of a novel? Give me deets. I don't want to go to Amazon and make it easier on you.

Raydar Love said...

Very easy to read and very easy on the eyes. Smells like plastic. Yes, graphics show up - on the cover & throughout the book if there are graphics. Come have a gander at mine. I'm in love.

Christy said...

I'm a big fan of the tree wasting book myself. Though I admit, I've never even held a kindle in my own hands. I cant' imagine asking kids to keep track of one though...I'm betting they'd be destroyed pretty quickly.

PagerStalker said...

Some colleges r doing the same thing. You could put about 12 years of education on one of the big ones. Great idea I think.