Thursday, August 20, 2009

Recipe Revisited

I made the Chicken Tikka Masala again tonight and loved it even more this time. I made a couple of modifications. I used an anaheim chile instead of the jalepeno, used less cayenne pepper and instead of skewering the meat, I put it all in a large skillet (making sure it was all coated in the yogurt mix but not adding extra goopiness) and let it cook on medium, lid on and stirring occasionally, for the time it took to prepare and thicken the sauce. The chicken came out extra tender. And this time, because it wasn't quite so spicy, my kids LOVED it. My 2 year old just kept licking the sauce. I also told me daughter that if she ate the chicken she would have more energy to dance like these two and do the handstand. Oh, and I doubled it - more sauce (we love sauciness) and more for leftovers!

In any case, so yummy - picky eaters approve. Try it. It looks tricky, maybe, but it is yums. Thanks again Mrs. Olsen. Go here for the recipe!



Christy said...

Awesome - we love a good tikka masala at my house! Thanks for the tips!

Raydar Love said...

oh so yum! the only problem i have with it is that i have only made it in a pan and the yogurt seperates a little. did you have that happen? any solutions?

Katlyn said...

...has become my standby "impress the guests" recipe. I also cut down on the spice and it's oh-so-nice! I've probably made this dish 10 times since you first posted it. Am I obsessed? ;-)