Tuesday, November 17, 2009

girlfriendy etsy

Here are some of my etsy loves for under $15 for girlfriendy gifts.

silla soup - I can't narrow it down too easily, this silla soup shop, so many great gifties for girls of every age. This blue one is sooo pretty. And silla soup is offering we chirp readers 10% when you mention in notes to seller that you are a we chirp reader.  Super cool.

- lovely jewelry to give to your girls, super prices - I love it.

Happy Family - I am quite positive I will be posting about Happy Family again and will be getting a robot shirt for my boys. Their tote is a perfect gift for your girlfriend who will take it the grocery store or library or works for Cycle and Style.

flourish bath and body - I am not too much of a scent person unless it is something citrus-y or minty. I want to eat these sugar cubes, or just bathe in them. Don't get me started on citrus-y or minty lip balm.

elsita - You must know by now my deep love for all elsita's creations. I want to be surrounded by them. I bought these today and think you should too, before they all run out. But then you could buy something else she made.

pumphouse studios - I always need little dishes to puts coins, jewelry, pocket-y stuff. But I think this plate would also be dynamic on a wall. I like plates. For all sorts of functions. This shop's especially.


Christy said...

Those bookmarks are so unique and delicate and gorgeous! And the library bag is super cool. Heading to these shops now. Muchas gracias!

Meghan said...

tragic. the bookmarks are gone. i love them with my whole heart. it is better this way for my children would certainly break them, but i am sad... she sold hundreds in less than a week. perhaps she didn't charge enough.... love this post. would love even more like it.