Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pixy Stix

I do love me some Pixy Stix, but that isn't the pixie I am thinking of.  I am a big fan of Ellen.  She is too funny and seems so sincerely nice and raises some mad money for good causes.  But her hair.  Her hair.   I love it.  I have always thought one day I would cut my hair in a pix, not now - all my power is in my long locks - but someday. 

Here are some I love.

ginnifer goodwin

joey potter

some cute model

audrey tatou *sigh*

the audrey *double sigh*
Then there are always those haircuts that you wish never were, ever have one of those? 

Don't forget the awesome giveaway.


EMILY said...

I'm living through one of those not-so-great hair cuts right now. It was supposed to be a European bob (shorter in back and longer towards the front & on the sides) but somehow the hairdresser took a massive chunk out of one side on the back and didn't say anything. I got home and my fiancee took 1 look and marched me right back there to have them fix it. After the 2nd cut, it's better but definitely still not right and a whole lot shorter than I ever intended it to be...verging towards these pixie dos in fact. The good news is that the damage was to the back and all I can see is the front so it looks good to me :)

Ink Obsession Designs said...

I love Ginnifer Goodwin's hair! I wish I could pull off this look, but if I did a pixie cut on my hair it would definitely turn into a not-so-great cut for me! :)

Through the Looking Glass said...

That pic of Audrey Tatou is what I took to my hairdresser when I cut mine all off. Love her! I'm not just saying this to peer-pressure you into anything, but you now how I feel about you in college when you had that short do. DARLING! True, your hair is flippin' awesome, but with cheek bones like yours and that neck? C'mon, you could go bald and start a trend.

Keep it in mind. I'm keeping this picture of Katie Holmes for when I decide to go "longer" - ha!

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